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Hairy Bikers visit

After the visit of the Hairy bikers Si and Dave to our farm last autumn the tv show went out on the tenth of April , we were lucky to get five minutes of the show dedicated to Wagyu F1 cross beef .

This is beef produced from an Angus cow sired by a Wagyu bull and is recognised as some of the best beef in the world , the Hairy Bikers loved it ,
We now have a regular supply of this beef which is being marketed through The Northumberland Sausage Company if you would like to try some e-mail Claire at the above company or contact myself and we will do our best to supply you.

On a diferent note we have just finished lambing and calving, it has been without a doubt the hardest lambing time of my life(probably because I am getting to old) the very bad winter and cold spring have taken theIr toll on both sheep and shepherds, but the sheep have their lambs now and we will do everything we can to make sure they get through this very cold spring alive and healthy. We are having to feed the sheep concentrated feed (cereals ,vitamins,molasses) to keep them in reasonable condition untill the grass grows ,even today 14 May here in Northumberland we are still geting snow flurries.
The additional cost of the feed will add about 50 percent of our normal cost of production to each lamb that we produce. The national sheep flock will be greatly reduced this year as all farmers struggle to make any profit out of lamb production.
On a more plesant note our swallows arrived 1 week earlier this year so we might get a good summer! Sreve Ramshaw

Sheep being herded on the farm

Monkridge Hill Farm is located near the village of Otterburn in the high scenic hills of Northumberland. The farm of 750 acres of mainly high hill land, is managed on a traditional, extensive basis - In very much the same manner it would have been centuries ago.

Steve Ramshaw

The founder of Northumbrian Quality Meats, Steve Ramshaw is committed to all aspects of his farm and meat sales business. Steve is a dedicated conservationist, and Monkridge Hill Farm is managed with the conservation of wildlife and natural habitat as a priority.